Thursday, 9 May 2013

Radio Programme Review Denni Hepburn

Radio Programme Review
Denni Hepburn
We began planning our radio show by choosing a genre of music we wanted our show to play. I chose indie rock because the main radio show I listen to is XFM. I listened to this radio show to hear how they style their shows and how they have scripted it. We then put a playlist together of songs we wanted to play on our show. With these songs we then researched facts about the song or the band, or any fact about the music. We wanted our audience to be about late teens to maybe early 30s.
We then wrote out a script, saying who says what and when a jingle or song would be played. We went into the radio studio to practise using the equipment; this helped us get an idea on how to use the recording equipment while following the script. Within our show we had a news clip, to make this easier we recorded a short news clip separately. This was a way for us to focus on reading out news on a radio show.
To understand what jobs and responsibilities there were in the radio sector, we did some research on people such as a reporter, presenter and journalist. This helped us have an idea on what that person’s role is when putting a radio show together.  Visiting Media City and looking around the studios of Radio Five Live, was a good way of looking, in detail, at a real radio synergy broadcast radio suite. As they were recording we heard how they interact with each other and share information. We learnt a lot from how they get news stories and how fast they work to make sure they are the first ones to broadcast it.
Putting the radio show together it was easy because of our practises in the radio studio and our research. We mixed our songs well and worked well as a team; our show had enough jingles and moved smoothly. We knew what to say and what song was being played next, this helped us be very prepared. Also, what helped was listening to radio stations while working; we had the chance to listen to how they presented the sow and the music and how to connect the songs. Our faults might have been the speaking, even though we knew what to say, we couldn’t get relaxed enough and felt like we had to just follow our script. This is something we can try and get over by keep going into the radio studio.
All of this research on other radio shows and music, will help us when we record another show because I feel we maybe more comfortable with speaking. Sounding more confident will help make our show sound more professional. In our next show I think I will try and not follow the script as much to make it sound more relaxed and natural.
Our audience will appreciate our whole radio show because not only is a lot of music played; our news is based on music too, meaning the news is interesting to our audience. Our facts about the music were interesting and connected well with each other. This made the show play smoothly. However, we could be more confident when speaking.  We wanted to ensure that there was no dead air, meaning we had to speak right after a jingle or music.
The songs stuck to the genre so that our show followed the right aim to please the right audience. I found our radio show to be suitable for our audience, there was no dead air and our research helped us have a better idea of how to set our radio show. However, we need to work on our presentation skills, and our presence. This could have a bad influence on our show making it a boring show to listen to. Next time I would make sure we were confident enough to be recorded and had more things to discuss on our show to make it interesting.

In our in store radio show we used more upbeat songs to help the audience enjoy the music while they shop. Such as playing artists such as, Rihanna, One Direction and it Ora. This will make our show interesting to the audience. With our in store being in Miss Selfridge, we based the music on what gils will enjoy, becuase it is a girls clothing shop. The audience for this show would be a little different, it would be a younger audience. The genre is more pop and RnB. This was an easier radio show to record because more music is played and less talking. The talking that consisted within the radio production was promotional, telling the customers what is new and advertising them. However, more talking might have helped the radio have more to it. I wanted there to be a large difference in the two shows because it would show how we can do both, new and upbeat music and old rock music. The research was similar to the other radio show, but I listened to Capital o understand how they presented their music, this was more lively, just like the music. In this show I believe tha we could have added more talking to help build our confidence in presenting.

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